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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sign Up for June Programs Now!

It's almost June--don't forget to sign up for these great programs now!

Teen Movie Night: "The Mummy"
Wed. June 5
5:30-7:45 p.m.
An American working on an archeological dig in an ancient city accidentally awakens a centuries-old mummy.  Rated PG-13.

Teen Advisory Board
Thurs. June 6
5-6 p.m.
Hang out with friends and tell us what you want your library to be like.  TAB gives teens the chance to help with planning programs and choosing library materials while earning
community service hours.

Teen Book Discussion Club: Gregor the Overlander
Wed. June 19
6-7 p.m.

One summer day, 11-year-old Gregor and his 2-year-old sister fall through a vent in their New York City home into an amazing underground world.  Among the giants humans who live there are scary bats, cockroaches, spiders, and rats.  Gregor just wants to get home, but a prophecy hints that he may be the "overlander" destined to save the humans from the vicious rodents. He is reluctant until he learns that his father, who disappeared years before, is a prisoner of the rats. The first in an exciting, adventure-filled series from the author of The Hunger Games.  Get your free copy at the Circulation Desk. 

Summer Reading Kickoff Party
Wed. June 26
6-7 p.m.

Start the summer off with a pizza party, games, a chance to rock out to Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, One Direction, and more!

Registration required for all programs. You can register in person, by phone at 973-835-5044, by email at, or online by clicking here.

Teen Summer Reading Program
Mon. June 24 to Fri. Aug. 9
This summer's theme is Beneath the Surface!  Every time you read a book, write a few sentences describing what you thought of it and drop off your review at the library.  Each time you turn in a review, you will get a free book to keep plus a coupon for ice cream at Applebee's or Ice Cream Station!  You will also be automatically entered in a raffle to win a bag full of books!   The raffle will be drawn at the Summer Reading Finale on Thurs. Aug. 15.  Make sure to hand in a review for every book you read because the teen who reads the most books this summer will win a goody bag full of cool prizes!   Best of all, participants get extra credit in school!   Registration for the Summer Reading Program begins June 24 in the library.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Volunteers Wanted!

Do you...

enjoy working with kids?
love arts and crafts?
need community service hours?
Volunteer at Riverdale Public Library's
Summer Reading Program!
Volunteers work 3 hours a week from June 24 to August 9, and receive a service certificate from the Riverdale Borough Council at the end of the summer.
If you would like to participate, join us Thursday, May 23 OR Thursday May 30 from 5-6 p.m. for an information session.  You must attend with a parent or guardian.
For more information, call the library at 973-835-5044 or

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Latino Books Month/The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano

Did you know that May is Latino Books Month?  Throughout the month, booksellers, librarians, and teachers are encouraged to promote reading among Latinos in their communities, and to raise awareness of the rich variety of books by Latinos available in both English and Spanish.

It is 1969 in Spanish Harlem and 14-year-old Evelyn Serrano is trying hard to break free from her conservative Puerto Rican surroundings while keeping two secrets from her Mami and Papo: her true feelings about growing up in her neighborhood, and her attitude about Abuela, her sassy grandmother who's come from Puerto Rico to live with them.  Then, like an urgent ticking clock, events erupt that change everything.  The Young Lords, a Puerto Rican activist group, dump garbage in the street and set it on fire, igniting a powerful protest. When Abuela steps in to take charge, Evelyn is thrust into the action.  Tempers flare, loyalties are tested.   Through it all, Evelyn learns important truths about her Latino heritage and the history-makers who shaped a nation.  Infused with actual news accounts from the time period, Sonia Manzano has crafted a gripping work of fiction based on her own life growing up during a fiery, unforgettable time in America, when young Latinos took control of their destinies.

To request The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano, click here.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May Teen Book Club/Delirium

It's not too late to sign up for the next Teen Book Discussion.  This month's book is Delirium by Lauren Oliver. 

In the near future, love has long since been identified as a disease called amor deliria nervosa, and 17-year-old Lena is 95 days away from the operation that cures it.  Enter Alex, a rakish daredevil who, as it turns out, is one of the Invalids—a tribe of uncured who live on the lam in the surrounding wilderness. With the clock ticking down to her surgery, Lena is drawn into Alex’s world, one of passion and freedom, while her emotionally castrated family members hope to turn her into yet another complacent zombie.  In this powerful and beautifully written novel, Lauren Oliver, the bestselling author of Before I Fall, throws readers into a tightly controlled society where options don’t exist, and shows not only the lengths one will go for a chance at freedom, but also the true meaning of sacrifice.

Come enjoy a pizza party and a chance to discuss what you like (or didn't like) about Delirium on Wed. May 15 from 6-7 p.m.  Registration required. 


Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Books for May!

Check out these new books coming soon to Riverdale Public Library!

The Runaway King by Jennifer A. Nielsen (The Ascendance Trilogy #2):  Just weeks after Jaron takes the throne, an assassination attempt forces him into a deadly situation.  Rumors of a coming war are winding their way between the castle walls, and Jaron feels the pressure quietly mounting within Carthya.  Soon, it becomes clear that deserting the kingdom may be his only hope of saving it. But the further Jaron is forced to run from his identity, the more he wonders if it is possible to go too far. Will he ever be able to return home again?  Or will he have to sacrifice his own life in order to save his kingdom?  The stunning second installment of The Ascendance Trilogy takes readers on a roller-coaster ride of treason, murder, and thrills!  New Teen Fiction Nielsen

The Lucy Variations by Sara Zarr:  Lucy Beck-Moreau once had a promising future as a concert pianist.  The right people knew her name, her performances were booked months in advance, and her future seemed certain.  And that was all before she turned 14.  Now at 16, it's over.  A death and a betrayal led her to walk away.  That leaves her talented 10-year-old brother, Gus, to shoulder the  weight of the Beck-Moreau family expectations.  Then Gus gets a new piano teacher who is young, kind, and interested in helping Lucy rekindle her love of piano--on her own terms.  But when you're used to performing for sold-out audiences and world-famous critics, can you ever learn to play for just yourself?  National Book Award finalist Zarr takes readers inside one girl's struggle to reclaim her love of music and herself.  New Teen Fiction Zarr

The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson:  In futuristic Brazil, the lush city of Palmares Tres shimmers with technology.  In the midst of this vibrant metropilis, June Costas creates art that's sure to maker her legendary.  But her dreams of fame become something more when she meets Enki, the bold new Summer King. The whole city falls in love with him, but June sees more to Enki--she sees a fellow artist.  Together June and Enki will stage explosive dramatic projects that Palmares Tres will never forget.  They will add fuel to a growing rebellion against the government's strict limits on new technology, and June will fall deeply, unfortnately in love with Enki.  Because like all Summer Kings before him, Enki is destined to die.  A heart-stopping story of love, death, technology, and art set amid the tropics of a futuristic world, this fier ynovel will leave your eager for more.  New Teen Fiction Johnson

Invisibility by Andrea Cremer & David Levithan:  From two bestselling YA authors comes the magical story of a boy cursed with invisibility and the one girl who can see him.  Stephen is used to invisibility. He was born that way.  Elizabeth sometimes wishes for invisibility. When you’re invisible, no one can hurt you.  So when her mother decides to move the family to New York City, Elizabeth is thrilled.  It’s easy to blend in there.  Then Stephen and Elizabeth meet. To Stephen’s amazement, she can see him.  And to Elizabeth’s amazement, she wants him to be able to see her. But as the two become closer, an invisible world gets in their way—a world of grudges and misfortunes, spells and curses.  Once they’re thrust into this world, Elizabeth and Stephen must decide how deep they’re going to go—because the answer could mean the difference between love and death.  New Teen Fiction Cremer

I Represent Sean Rosen by Jeff Baron:  Sean Rosen knows what he wants.  A ten-million dollar  deal with a big Hollywood studio. The only problem is, he doesn't know a single person in show business.  He and his mom and his dad live far away from Los Angeles or New York.  Figuring it out as he goes and using only his laptop and phone, Sean makes amazing progress in his quest, which no one else has a clue about.  Funny, confident, and clever, Sean Rosen will win you over.  New Teen Fiction Baron

The Reluctant Assassin by Eoin Colfer (W.A.R.P. series #1): Riley, a teenage orphan in London is apprenticed to Albert Garrick, an illusionist who has fallen on difficult times and now uses his unique conjuring skills to gain access to victims' dwellings. On one such escapade, Garrick brings his reluctant apprentice along and urges him to commit his first killing. Riley is saved from having to commit the grisly act when the intended victim turns out to be a scientist from the future, part of the FBI's Witness Anonymous Relocation Program (W.A.R.P.).  Riley is unwittingly transported via wormhole to modern-day London, followed closely by Garrick.  In modern London, Riley is helped by Chevron Savano, a 19-year-old FBI agent sent to London as punishment after a disastrous undercover operation. Together, Riley and Chevie must evade Garrick, who has been fundamentally altered by his trip through the wormhole.  Garrick is now not only evil, but also possesses all of the scientist's knowledge.  He is determined to track Riley down and use the timekey in Chevie's possession to make his way back to Victorian London, where he can literally change the world. From the bestselling author of Artemis Fowl

Peanut by Ayun Halliday & Paul Hoppe:  Sadie has the perfect plan to snag some friends when she transfers to Plainfield High—pretend to have a peanut allergy.  But what happens when you have to hand in that student health form your unsuspecting mom was supposed to fill out?  And what if your new friends want to come over and your mom serves them snacks?  (Peanut butter sandwich, anyone?)  And then there's the bake sale, when your teacher thinks you ate a brownie with peanuts. This acclaimed graphic novel shows the humor in trying to fit in.  New Teen Fiction Halliday